DOWNLOAD MP3 GEN HALILINTAR - ZIGGY ZAGGA (Music Video) | 11 Kids + Parents [ 3.59 MB]

GEN HALILINTAR - ZIGGY ZAGGA (Music Video) | 11 Kids + Parents

Download mp3 or Video GEN HALILINTAR - ZIGGY ZAGGA (Music Video) | 11 Kids + Parents With Format mp3, mp4, flv, 3gp, webm on This Site Just for Review... If You Like This Song and For Get The best Audio Video Quality Please Buy an Original Music On I-TUNES / AMAZON.COM or Buy It on The Store.

GEN HALILINTAR - ZIGGY ZAGGA (Music Video) | 11 Kids + Parents


A Master Piece from @GenHalilintar 11 Kids, “ZIGGY ZAGGA” (Zig Zag ⚡ Family) during traveling to Almaty, Tashkent, Chimgan, Samarkand, Bukhara, Seoul, Gang Nam, Nami Island, Hongkong, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Bandung, Jakarta,

The longest time, the most difficult shooting and editing of all our videos. From tropical to winter areas! Full of Bitter & Sweet Experiences, cries & laughter.🙏🙏🙏

1 day uploaded on Youtube “Gen Halilintar “ Channel :
#1 On Trending, 5,6M Views, More than 500K Likes & 50K Comments! Also trending in Malaysia & Singapore.

In 3 weeks Ziggy Zagga Song reached 42 Million Views, pencapaian luar biasa, tanpa campur tangan bantuan Tuhan kita bukan pro dari mulai membuat lagu, kita juga bukan penyanyi, bukan penari , juga bukan profesional membuat music video. Isinya kita semua ya kita talent ya kita juga yg bikin lagu, kita juga yangg bikin music video dan kita juga yg atur perjalanan, tanpa pertolongan Tuhan Yang Maha Baik, kita tak kan mampu bikin apapun.

Ziggy Zagga itu diambil dari emoji ‘halilintar’ yg bentuknya ‘zig zag’ ⚡, jadi lagu ini menceritakan tentang keluarga zig zag a.k.a halilintar! WELCOME TO ZIG ZAG FAMILY! ⚡⚡⚡
Turn on CC/Subtitle untuk dapatkan Lirik dan Translation in English

Sebuah karya masterpiece Gen Halilintar dengan 11 anak Full Team termahal terberat teristimewa terbanyak negaranya dengan berbagai suka duka, tangisan dan tawa, dr daerah tropis hingga bersalju untuk Stars semua. Menceritakan ttg keluarga Gen Halilintar itu sendiri sesuai dgn lambang zig zag ⚡, secara bahasa anak zaman now. Song by @sohwahalilintar

Our new (Single) Ziggy Zagga

Executive Producer: @halilintarasmid @genifaruk
Produced by @thariqhalilintar
Directed by @thariqalilintar & @saaihalilintar
D.O.P by @thariqhalilintar & @saaihalilintar
Song by @sohwahalilintar
Choreography by @sajidahhalilintar
Makeup by @abqariyyahalilintar and Team
Wardrobe / Stylist by @GenHalilintar
and All Gen Halilintar Team
Art Design @abqariyahalilintar

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GEN HALILINTAR is a family of Mom (Gen) , Dad ( Halilintar) with 11 Kids. Parents together with 6 sons & 5 daughters work together hand in hand as a team organizing home and businesses, with tagline "MY FAMILY MY TEAM"! We are An EDU-TAINMENT-FASHION-TRAVEL-DIGITAL-PRENEUR FAMILY. We love traveling around the world as also part of our education method and lifestyle, love singing and making entertaining videos, love fashion, and active in social media while doing business at the same time.
13 members of the family are also Youtube Content Creators with their own channels (Total of 14 channels)

Gen Halilintar starring:

Lirik Lagu GEN HALILINTAR - ZIGGY ZAGGA (Music Video) | 11 Kids + Parents :

Download GEN HALILINTAR - ZIGGY ZAGGA (Music Video) | 11 Kids + Parents MP3



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